Michael Hall

Group Manager -
Planning & Landscape Architecture

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Michael is a Principal Consultant and an urban planner. Michael is passionate about placemaking and integrating development sustainably into the natural environment. Michael also has a clear understanding of infrastructure business case requirements and commercial drivers that need to be met to meet the client’s delivery requirements.

Michael excels at understanding the connections required to achieve project success across community aspirations, which require approvals under the Resource Management Act, Local Government Act, Land Transport Management Act, Local Government Act and commercial delivery.

In Michael’s day to day work, he is responsible for managing planning and design projects across New Zealand. Areas of work include master planning of new residential and mixed-use sites, project leadership of design and consenting scopes for urban development and infrastructure delivery; design visioning work and project feasibility assessments; environmental advisory work, particularly on transportation projects; preparing design guides and spatial planning; designations, plan submissions and writing of plan change changes and consents required under the Resource Management Act.

Michael Hall profile image