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30 Claude Road Residential Development

30 Claude Road Residential Development cover image


The proposal was for a high scale residential development consisting of 13 terraced apartments near to the Greenlane Hospital and One Tree Hill domain. The site had been vacant for many years and had an historic covenant relating to trees on the property, following a plan change which encumbered the property. The Unitary Plan further up-zoned the site to Terraced Housing and Apartments Buildings. To enable development the planners needed to negotiate the removal of the covenant.


Align discussed the process to remove the covenant with Council Policy and Regulatory Team, as there was no set protocol for this legal process. The approach was to establish a clear pathway to enable the final outcome of a high quality development, with landscaping that would more than make up for the trees being removed. Align combined its planning and landscape disciplines to achieve this.


The restrictive covenant on the title was uplifted, and a resource consent was approved for a high end development for the client. This would not have been achieved with the covenant on the title.

The successful uplift of the restrictive covenant and the resource consent, provided the client with a high quality residential development.

Liz Stewart Planning Manager - Auckland