Auckland Transport

Medallion Drive


Auckland Transport required an experienced planning and urban design team to comply with a complex set of designation conditions and secure regional consents for the Medallion Drive project.


Working with Auckland Transport and ARUP, we had the urban and landscape design process run the early design workshops to set the concept to meet a complex set of designation conditions. The design was presented to Hapu and Auckland Council, and feedback is taken on board early in the design process to enable buy-in. Commercial development was taken into account to design the road interface with the future consented planned development. As we continued to finalise the design, our consents team continued to check-in and reviewed the concept to confirm the activity met the designation conditions and regional consenting requirements. As the design progressed, our landscape design team was involved in implementing the design until the contract was awarded to a contractor to build.


The outline plan of works and regional consents were approved, and the project is now under construction.