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Parkvale Development

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Align was asked to secure a subdivision and landuse consent for a non-complying residential development on the edge of the rural residential boundary in Kaori, Wellington. The planning application for six new residential lots required multiple technical assessments and navigation through a hearings process to gain consent.


Align developed the site layout with the architect and engineers from the outset and designed out the potential environmental effects to optimise the lot layout. Early pre-application meetings with the Council were held to understand their concerns and to prepare application materials. The application focussed on providing building platform locations and certainty about the types of buildings and landscape that could be produced on site. A risk based approach to investing in technical assessments was undertaken alongside communication with the Council. The landscape concept plan, and the landscape and visual assessment were also critical items used to address rural amenity concerns from the change in land use.


Subdivision and landuse consents were granted for a complex non-complying development.

We worked closely with clients to develop project proposals, to secure a complex resource consents and to enable future development of sites.

Michael Hall Acting Group Manager - Major Projects