State Highway 58 Safety Improvements


Align was asked by NZTA to help them secure consents for the Hutt Valley, and Upper Hutt State Highway Improvement works. The project was under considerable time pressure to alleviate serious road safety risks. Simultaneously, design parameters were changing as further field testing was undertaken on challenging terrain to confirm the effects on streams and waterways. Align also prepared the landscape and visual impact assessment, which would have faced significant challenges without the existing designation.


Robust technical assessments were produced to demonstrate the effects were acceptable enough to grant all applications. Align’s visualisations demonstrated how the effects of the proposed cuts over the Haywards were within the existing designation scope and could be appropriately managed.


Align secured two alterations to designations in two districts on a non-notified basis. The regional consents were also approved non-notified for a significant construction project in the Wellington Region. An archaeological authority was also approved. All designations and consents are now approved, and the project is now well into construction.