Hutt City Council

Seaview Marina Master Planning


The Seaview Marina makes up a piece of the Hutt City Council (HCC) adopted ‘Vision Seaview Gracefield 2030’ plan (2010). HCC and the Seaview Marina Board have been investigating options for the development of the Marina site to include a wider range of multi-scale uses, effective and functional use of existing spaces and beautifying and enhancing the area as well its incorporation into the larger harbour context. Align assisted in investigating the site for the development and the addition, enhancement or amendment of infrastructure. We created options for master planning development, conceptual placement of new and existing features and increased circulation and incorporating the site into the adjacent and wider surrounds. Maps, written assessments, design visions and imagery are provided in order to assess conceptually and visually what is possible at the Seaview Marina site.


Align worked with both the Seaview Marina Board and the HCC to work through possibilities for the site. We began the process with an urban design assessment, a design report and an overall masterplan for potential improvements and development. With a focus on connection, benchmark projects and collaboration, we then worked with HCC to develop the best solutions for site development in relation to potential planned change. This was developed alongside a Visual Assessment in order to understand the potential impacts of the site changes.


The development is on-going and the possibilities for the plan change are being developed in accordance with good urban design and environmental principles.

Seaview Gracefield is crucial to the future growth and proseperity of our city. It is a major industrial and commercial hub for the Wellington region.

Anne Wilkins Team Leader - Landscape Architecture